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What is Fine Dining?

What is Fine Dining?

Have you ever dreamed about going for fine dining at an exceptional restaurant for a special day? But do you know what fine dining consists of or even what it is? If not, check out here the simple rules and menus of fine dining!

Fine dining is a restaurant experience typically more sophisticated, unique, and expensive than one would find in the average restaurant. Usually, it features multi-course and elegant a la carte or prix fixe menu options.

Fine Dining Service Rules

Unlike casual restaurants, fine dining service rules are strict, as high standards are expected. Fine dining establishments hire staff that can deliver elegance, experience, and knowledge to the dining experience. Furthermore, the setup and greeting are to be top-notch.

For instance, flatware and silverware are arranged from the outside in, starting with the first course, tablecloths are clean and evenly placed, cutlery, plates, and napkins are removed for empty seats, and when guests arrive, they need to be greeted all warmly and formally.

Fine Dining Etiquette

Depending on how “fine” the fine dining restaurant is, guests may require a dress code. Typically, any mandated dress code will be specified beforehand to not single out any patrons. Still, it is not uncommon for restaurants to turn guests away at the stand if they are not in the proper attire. Furthermore, guests at a fine dining restaurant are expected to uphold a certain level of civility at a fine dining restaurant.

Fine Dining Menu

Prix Fixe

Prix fixe menus are set with one or limited options in the multi-course meal. Some restaurants will have one choice for each course, while others may have a few options for customers to pick and choose from.

A la Carte

A la carte menus in fine dining restaurants let guests build their main course plate from an extensive menu. However, their menu has an extensive list of sides and appetizers such as mashed potatoes and asparagus available for separate purchases that the entire table can enjoy.

Traditional Entree Menu

Some fine dining restaurants stick with a more mainstream order model, where entrees include side orders to be matched with the main part of the meal.

Although most people go for fine dining on special occasions, events or anniversaries, you should definitely go even on a whim! After all, everyone desires to once in a while feel like nobility and dining at an elegant restaurant with their beloved, friends, or family.