Theater Porto Valitsa


… a feast in a free place

We wanted a communal area in order to get together again, regardless of nationality and origin, and start to understand our daily routine differently.

To overcome the isolation, the pattern of the famous “Greek tourist industry” which was just surrendered to the desire of the “rooms to let”, to the perception “money lent is money spent”, to the narrow-minded thought “where else will the tourists go? Here we have sun, sea and retsina”.

These are the reasons that we created this place. We wanted a free area in Porto Valitsa, outside the Bar or the Restaurant, which operate under their own rules, where forbidden or not, popular or not sounds will be heard, with rhythmical steps, sweat and dreams.

So, the feast in Porto Valitsa Resortbegins here and the entrance is free.

People get together, dance. An entire event takes place with musicians, dancers and visual artists, who cooperate and improvise by organizing their own festival, without the support of official bodies.