Porto Valitsa Resort - Halkidiki Greece

The Extraordinary Natural Environment around Porto Valitsa

The extraordinary natural environment 

The green nature around Porto Valitsa in Halkidiki and the emerald waters in front of the resort both make this place an earthy paradise that would enchant all visitors.

The extraordinary natural environment

The green bushes that skirt the road that leads to Porto Valitsa on both sides are like the gates of paradise. They play with your sensations but don’t even begin to prepare you for what is about to follow.

The visitor just enjoys the familiar sound of the cicadas leaving the rest to the imagination. What can be better than this scenery? And then you arrive at the Porto Valitsa and stand there in awe.

Nature around Porto Valitsa is beyond belief

Porto Valitsa is built near Cape Kanistro, a protected area mainly due to the presence of the marine plant, called Posidonia. When the owners of the hotel first visited this place, they saw what others couldn’t see: nature in all its glory. Soon later, the hotel was built – a true gem that proves that luxury can co-exist with nature.

Built with complete respect to the natural environment, the Porto Valitsa resort has great openings where the visitors can view all shades of green and all shades of blue – in just one frame.

There’s green all around Porto Valitsa in Kassandra Halkidiki. And then, there’s the sea. That’s a dream, too! This part of the sea is known for its depth and so, ideal for all sorts of sea-sports. Although there’s no sand, the rocky beach in front of the resort makes the place even more interesting and pinpoints the marvel of nature.

Nature on your table too

The scents and colors of nature unfold before your eyes and you hardly have time to keep track as they change throughout the day. The cherry on the cake is the vegetable garden the owners have created – a sign of their full dedication to nature.

From apricots and lemons to olives and herbs, everything you taste at the Porto Valitsa restaurant comes straight from Mother Nature. At Porto Valitsa, you come close to nature whether you sunbathe, have dinner, or lie on your bed.

They say that reality has limits and imagination has no borders. The Porto Valitsa resort is one of the rare cases where reality is better than imagination.

You need to live it to dream it.