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Why Summer is a Favorite Season to Most People?

Why Summer is a Favorite Season to Most People?

Answering to this question in a few words is difficult. It is even a big question if many words would suffice.

Yet, the reasons are as many as the stars in the night sky.

And the following facts are among the most important ones why summer is a favorite season to most people:

  • Days are long and you have a feeling that you are able to do much more than usual.
  • Because the weather is nice, people seem to be happier more often than not.
  • Even at work, people are more relaxed and in better spirits than usual because the vacation isn’t far away.
  • You don’t feel like you wear armor since summer is the time for light garments.
  • Come to think of it, you are able to examine handsome people wearing minimum clothing. More so, no one would think that you act weirdly by doing so during summer.
  • Furthermore, the summer season is the only season when you get wet without actually feeling uncomfortable. If rain surprises you, you will get dry quickly enough. On the seaside, no one is interested in getting too dry.
  • Speaking of drying, when was the last time you needed a long time for laundry to dry in summer?
  • You don’t need to pay a close attention to what and when you eat. Feel free to get yourself stuffed with food as much as you like. It’s nothing what some attractive outdoor activity on a nice weather won’t bring back to normal very soon.
  • Summer is the time for the most spectacular and prestigious sporting events. Football championships, basketball championships and athletics typically take place in summer. Not to mention the Summer Olympic Games, of course.
  • During the summer season, many long-awaited blockbuster films are released.
  • Nature is at its very best in many places. And if it isn’t at its best, it is next to it. Leaves are green, flowers are blooming, birds are singing and so on.

Finally, various festivals and other outdoor events take place during the summer months more often than in other seasons.