Porto Valitsa Resort - Halkidiki Greece

The Sea of Tastes Restaurant, Porto Valitsa – the Joy of Dining

Every person has a different definition of a perfect dining. Some people value timely service most, others quality of food, taste and so on. Of course, ambiance plays a big part in this definition, as well.

Whatever your definition of a perfect dining experience is, Porto Valitsa’s restaurant is here to meet it. Our restaurant offers an impeccable service, top quality food, sublime taste and spectacular ambiance. Everyone deserves a great meal, and our Sea of Tastes restaurant is here to deliver just that.

Sea of Tastes’ ambiance

Just like the Porto Valitsa resort, the restaurant boasts an exceptionally pleasant location. It overlooks the Aegean Sea with verdant gardens in the background. Thus, Sea of Tastes provides scenic experience that is as exceptional as dining itself.

What the restaurant’s menu consists of?

The restaurant has lunch and dinner menus, consisting of salads, seafood, desserts and fish- and meat-based dishes. Besides courses tailor-made for gourmands, vegetarians and people with other dietary habits, our menu includes the children’s menu, too.

Fresh components, ideally spiced courses and an appealing design are main features of our culinary offer. Our chef, which is a laureate of Michelin star, and his team infuse creativity as well as their endless talent into food preparation.

Specialties of Sea of Tastes

Dishes based on fish and seafood are the trademark of Porto Valitsa’s Sea of Food restaurant. Hence, you can’t make a mistake by ordering octopus, bass, kalamari or shrimps. If you wish to leave those for some other time, veal steak, chicken meat or lamb meat are sure to meet your expectations.

For a light meal, try Greek Salad, Vegetable Tart or Warm Eggplant. For youngsters, our team has a specially-designed menu including crispy chicken, spaghetti and burgers.