Sailing Cruises

Sailing Cruises

Engage in a seafaring journey unlike any other in the gorgeous seas of Halkidiki, Greece, and experience the thrill of sailing. Known for having some of the cleanest waters in Europe, the sea here calls with the promise of beautiful landscape and seas that are crystal pure beyond compare.

Imagine being on a magnificent sailing yacht and being surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of Kassandra. Considering that the yacht is small, it can accommodate up to eight people, making it the ideal getaway for groups of friends and family. The exclusivity of this experience is what sets it apart from others; it is just you, your loved ones, and the experienced captain as you sail around the vast expanse of the Aegean Sea.

Halkidiki is a destination that is appealing not only due to its breathtaking scenery but also due to the fact that it offers the possibility of solitude and peace.

Participate in the one-of-a-kind Sailing Yacht Experience, in which the sea reveals its marvels to you in a manner that is original to you.

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