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It’s been already 20 years since the establishment of the cultural events festival “KONTA STIN THALASSA” (By… the Sea), which takes place annually in Porto Valitsa during July and August.

Every year we present approximately 20 artists from every field, a number proportionally equal to the festivals of large European countries.
An interesting element is that only a third of the artists come from Northern Greece.

It should be worthwhile to inquire the reasons for the above. The method we use in order to select our activities and arts events is simple:There are some certain qualities which we require from an artist such as:

  • Which is the way artists invest in their particular art field
  • Their attempt to answer to the questions of contemporary visual arts
  • Their cultivated education which will prevent them from being arrogant or consider themselves “special” and finally.
  • Their investment in arts and their grateful approach to the cultural history of mankind.

Whether we manage to continue offering the most lively and “troubling” meeting point of tourism and culture is to be judged by all of you. We merely “build” the bridge and provoke the encounter.

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