Porto Valitsa Resort - Halkidiki Greece

Permanent Exhibition by Giannis Kapsidakis

Permanent Exhibition by Giannis Kapsidakis

Giannis Kapsidakis

Giannis Kapsidakis was born in Nea Filadelfia, Thessaloniki. He studied Painting and Engraving at the Artistic School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Since 1990 he has performed 60 solo exhibitions in Greece and abroad and has participated in more than 450 group exhibitions. He is a member of six artistic clubs and has held 58 lecture-presentations on Engraving. He created 45 open engraving workshops for the public and participated in 5 Panhellenic Scientific Conferences on Engraving in Athens, Thessaloniki and Florina and in 2 Worldwide in Thessaloniki.

His work has been written by professors and art historians (S. Sachinis, K. Kilesopoulou, G. Milios, C. Christou, Th. Christou, El. Kokkinis, M. Mavromatis, etc.) in the daily press as well as in dictionaries, books and art publications.

Since 2002 he has been building, sculpting, installations and sculptures on a large scale, outdoors, with oxidized iron material

Vasiliki Kapsidaki

Vasiliki Kapsidaki was born in Nea Michaniona, Thessaloniki. She studied clothing design at the Dimitreli School and attended courses about jewelry in private schools in Thessaloniki, as well as drawing, painting and engraving courses next to her husband and art designer Yiannis Kapsidakis.

She has performed 12 solo exhibitions and participated in many group events in Greece and abroad. In 2011 she participated in the exhibition "Leonardo DaVinci" in Mylos Thessaloniki and in 2012 at the 30th World Music Congress, at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall.

She teaches handmade jewelry at the Kapsidakis Fine Arts Workshop for teenagers and adults. Her works are in private collections in Greece and abroad.

Ioanna Kapsidaki

Ioanna Kapsidaki was born in Epanomi, Thessaloniki. She attended classical ballet and contemporary dance lessons for 15 years and earned degrees from the Royal Academy of Dance.

She creates handcrafted jewelry and teaches children and adults at the Kapsidakis Fine Arts Workshop. She attended seminars of handmade jewelry and made 6 individual and participated in many group exhibitions in Greece.

In the exhibition at PORTO VALITSA she presents drawings with paper ink, small mixed techniques and handmade jewelry with brass, copper, brass and semi-precious stones.