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Mountain Holomontas, The Jewel of Halkidiki

Mountain Holomontas

Next time you come to Halkidiki, visit Mountain Holomontas and the incredible village of Taxiarchis. You’ll love the mountainous face of Halkidiki.

Mountain Holomontas: The Jewel of Halkidiki

One worth-visiting part of Halkidiki is Mountain Holomontas. At an approximately 1.165m altitude, Mt. Holomontas is a jewel hiding in plain sight since most summer visitors focus on the crystal waters of Halkidiki and disregard that the green scenery of the region is partially due to this fascinating forest.

The mountain stretches from the capital of Halkidiki, Poligiros, to Arnaia and boasts of its fabulous trails that lead to Taxiarchis – a picturesque village you cannot miss next time you travel to Halkidiki.

The flora and fauna of Mountain Holomontas is beyond compare

Mountain Holomontas is distinguished for its unparalleled beauty. Covered with oak, chestnut, pine and other trees, its slopes create a green luring landscape with small intervals of colored flowers, herbs, and mushrooms.

The forest’s beauty takes the breath away. Historically, this part of mountainous Halkidiki was known for its excellent timber. Today, it gets many eco-friendly tourists who love the local flora and fauna, but also the variety in terms of activities.

Visit the village of Taxiarchis to discover the mountainous Halkidiki

There are plenty of trails on Mountain Holomontas that make hiking, biking, and walking a treat. After a special gastronomic treat at Porto Valitsa in Paliouri, you can discover the mountainous face of Halkidiki, organize an excursion in Arnaia, or visit the forest of Taxiarchis.

This is a great point of interest on Mt. Holomontas since it is an excellent destination for a great number of outdoor activities – from mountain biking to bird-watching. But the village of Taxiarchis is also known for the women’s community and their local products – don’t miss the mushroom festival.

There are many parts to visit on Mountain Holomontas and many things to do all year round.

Next time you visit Halkidiki, discover its mountainous face.