Porto Valitsa Resort - Halkidiki Greece

Local Products to Bring Home from Paliouri

Local products from Paliouri

At Porto Valitsa in Paliouri, there’s a rich vegetable garden with fresh fruit, herbs, and veggies which end up on your table and why not, in your suitcase.

Local Products to Bring Home from Paliouri

One of the never-ending fun things to do during the summer vacations is eating. That’s part of the pleasure of being on holiday, but also a way to try out new things. After all, each town of every region in all countries has something different to offer.

Now, what if you could take foods you taste and like back home with you! Wouldn’t this be nice? And what if you could buy local products in Halkidiki which are totally natural and free of chemicals!

So, let’s see what you can get from Porto Valitsa in Paliouri Halkidiki.

What’s cooking in Porto Valitsa?

Even if you are not a food traveler, you most likely like to taste new dishes which have the signature of the place you visit. If you book a room at the Porto Valitsa hotel in Paliouri, ask to learn more about their vegetable garden.

In an effort to offer only the best quality at their restaurant, they grow all kinds of vegetables, herbs, and fruits which are then placed on the table or turned into yummy jams.

Get local products and cooking experience

The best news is that you can taste their products at their restaurant and so decide which ones you like best to get home with you. Which are your options? Many things. Just to give you a taste, the products range from grape-leaves and tomato juice to olive oil and all kinds of herbs and olives. And that’s not all.

If gastronomy is your thing, you can also observe how they make jams and cook some traditional Greek dishes. And so you won’t only get back home with you some of the finest products from Paliouri but also the know-how.