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How people celebrate Christmas throughout the world

How people celebrate Christmas throughout the world

Christmas is a celebration many people around the world look forward to. It celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and presents a great opportunity for sharing good spirits. Although people of most nations in the world celebrate Christmas, the way they do it tends to be different. Here is how residents of some countries celebrate the most joyful Christian event:

Christmas in Brazil

By visiting Brazil during the big Christian celebration, you will see reconstructed Nativity scenes throughout churches and homes of the Brazilians. At midnight, the worshipers attend the Mass of the Rooster (Missa do Galo), which lasts one hour. Following the mass, spectacular fireworks take place at major cities and towns. While walking the streets, you can see socks hanging from the windows. The belief is that Papa Noel (Santa Claus) will exchange them for presents.

Xmas in France

The imaginative Nativity scenes decorate churches and cathedrals all over France before and after Christmas. Xmas markets, selling a wide variety of decorative items, food and drinks, are very popular among the locals. Strasbourg is a hometown of one among the biggest Xmas markets in the Old Continent. The French attend the midnight service in churches and burn Yule logs the entire night following the Xmas Eve. They sprinkle it with wine so they smell pleasant while burning.

How the Greeks celebrate Christmas?

Depending on where you are in Greece, you may see decorated Christmas trees (inland) or boats (coastline and islands) in Greece. Christmas Eve is the time when children sing carols and play the drums on the streets. Just like the Brazilians and the French, the Greeks traditionally go to the midnight mass. Finally, they keep the fire going in their fireplaces for twelve days following Christmas to chase away bad spirits.

Xmas traditions in Vietnam

Albeit not as widely celebrated as in Christian countries, Xmas in Vietnam, especially in Ho Chi Minh, is a significant event. The residents decorate entire streets, reflecting the spirit of Christmas in a great fashion. Masses take place at churches, while many people gather in squares and on streets in the center of Ho Chi Minh. In Catholic areas, residents make cribs in front of their homes representing Nativity scenes.