Porto Valitsa Resort - Halkidiki Greece

Holidays with your most loyal friend at our dog-friendly hotel

Holidays with your most loyal friend at our dog-friendly hotel

Spend your holidays with your dog carelessly with us at Porto Valitsa, the best dog-friendly hotel in Kassandra Halkidiki Greece.

For many dog lovers, a dog is not just a pet. It is a family member. Therefore, just like travelling with any other family member, they might want to enjoy a family vacation with their dog. A dog is always such an immense joy in a person’s life. First of all, a dog can be your best friend and a loyal companion.

Thus you will never feel alone or left out. So, exploring a new place and environment with your dog is undoubtedly fun, enjoyable, and exciting.

Nowadays, many hotels or other hospitality and tourism amenities are dog-friendly and offer their guests’ pets services.

Similarly, Porto Valitsa Resort is open and provides a place for dog owners. As de facto, dogs always love spacious rooms, nature, and water. Therefore, your dog companion will adore Porto Valitsa’s spacious rooms.

Moreover, they are cosy, making your dog feel at ease during your time here. Furthermore, the surrounding beautiful nature of the hotel and the beach right next to it give your dog plenty of space to run around, explore, play and relax beneath the hot sun of Greece.

Overall, Porto Valitsa is a heavenly place for dogs. So if you are planning your holidays in Halkidiki, Greece, and wondering where you should take your dog, then bring it with you!

Our dog-friendly hotel will make sure for your dog to have the best time ever.