Porto Valitsa Resort - Halkidiki Greece

Greek gastronomy & delightful flavors

Greek gastronomy & delightful flavors

Can you imagine going on your summer vacation without enjoying delicious meals? The great wonder of Halkidiki summers hides in Greek gastronomy.

Great Food Makes the Vacation Great

Let’s start our journey to Halkidiki Greece, Greek gastronomy & delightful flavors! Good food and summer vacations go hand in hand. It’s like love & marriage – you can’t have the one without the other. Who can enjoy the summer holidays without gastronomic indulgences?

Well, the great news is that a journey to Greece will do the trick. And if you already feel the taste of souvlaki under your tongue, let us assure you that the Mediterranean menu will awaken all your senses.

What’s on the Greek menu?

What comes to mind when you hear the word Greece? Sun? Blue waters? Great tastes? It’s like Pavlov’s dog, right? We salivate just by thinking about our summer vacation in Halkidiki! And there are so many things to taste.

Breakfast takes a whole new meaning with bougatsa – a sort of pastry filled with cheese or cream.

Alternatively, you can get koulouri – circular bread with sesame seeds. When you are lying on a chaise-longue at Porto Valitsa in Paliouri, Halkidiki, you can snack fresh fruit, get a Greek salad, taste some fresh bread with cheese, or forget your diet completely and order fried calamari – that’s squid. For dinner, you can choose gemista – stuffed veggies, all kinds of meat, and fresh fish.

Why delicious food makes sense during summer vacations

You don’t have to be a foodie to appreciate good meals. And no vacation is relaxing without good food. It’s not just about discovering the tastes of each country or region, it’s about enjoying your days off and fill your appetite. Not just the real hunger, but mostly please the brain cells that find satisfaction at the sight of colorful dishes, delicious aromas, and amazing flavors. At this point, we just want to warn you.

Your next trip to Halkidiki will be so delicious, you won’t want to leave. So, get ready!