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Gastronomy Tourism Evolves Fast and for a Good Reason

What is gastronomy tourism? And why it’s one of the most fast-growing sectors in the tourism industry? Check out why food is a good motivation for tourism.

Gastronomy Tourism Evolves Fast and for a Good Reason

While this is a rather new chapter in the long list of the tourism industry, gastronomy tourism has already grown deep roots and evolves very fast. This is hardly surprising. Gastronomy is all about tasting new foods and beverages and traveling to experience food cultures, visit food producers, and eat dishes made by famous chefs.

It’s all about getting to know the unique foods of a particular region and when it comes to tasting the Greek cuisine, the choices are endless.

Learn more about gastronomy tourism

The word “gastronomy” is made up of two Greek words: gastros and gnomos. The former means stomach and the latter means knowledge.

And if you are planning to stay at Porto Valitsa in Paliouri of Halkidiki to taste the dishes of the restaurant’s chef who has been decorated with Michelin stars, it’s good to know the origins of the word. All the same, people use variations to speak about gastronomic tourism.

The definitions range from culinary to gourmet and food tourism.

Why is gastronomy tourism evolving quickly?

Eating is one of the main human needs. But when people started traveling more often and to various destinations, food became a motivation. We are intrigued to try out new recipes, check out new etiquettes, and taste food cooked by Michelin decorated chefs. At one point, food stops being a necessity and becomes the main source of enjoyment and this is what has mainly driven this tourism sector to the top section of the industry’s pyramid.

Whether you call it food or gastronomy tourism, food becomes both the motivation for traveling and the core of enjoyment and these are both understandable reasons for the boost of this domain of the tourism industry.