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Gastronomy Products of Halkidiki Region, Greece

Gastronomy Products of Halkidiki Region

Enjoying the cuisine of the destination you visit is one of the most engaging parts of your vacation. Especially if the gastronomy of the region is a renowned one. In case of Halkidiki, Greece, you are sure to have a delightful such experience during your summer vacations. This sun-kissed region is a perfect destination for gourmands, as you are about to find out.

Halkidiki olives

These products are usually the first association to gourmands when someone mentions Greece. And small wonder since Greek olives are among the most prized exports of the country.

The climate and the soil have a determining influence on the quality of Halkidiki olives, making them big, juicy and delicious. What’s equally important, the cultivation process is completely natural.

Seafood of Halkidiki

The Aegean Sea is rich in various fish species and seafood. If you pay attention, you will see many fishing boats on the horizon during the day. And that’s exactly why you will enjoy a great dinner during the evening.

There are many must-try specialties gifted by the sea in Halkidiki. Saganaki shrimps feature many flavors while fried squids are popular as “best Greek summer food.” But if you wish to feel light after dinner, order juicy and soft grilled octopus.

Dairy products and vegetables

Dairy products are another aspect of the Halkidiki gastronomy that will delight you. While roaming the countryside of Kassandra and Sithonia, you will come across herds of sheep and goats. Since they live and graze in a healthy environment, their cheese and milk are of the highest quality.

The same holds true for vegetables. It doesn’t matter if you eat onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables alone or combined. Their exceptional flavors won’t fail to amaze you. Need a tip? Start with the tzatziki salad as an appetizer.

And what is exceptional food without an exceptional ambiance?

Now imagine the most delicious dining in a perfect setting. And that is exactly what we, in Porto Valitsa Resort, had in mind. Our restaurant is set in an attractive environment of the lush garden, with sea views. Besides, you are sure to enjoy the very best of traditional Greek hospitality here.