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Explore Hidden Gems in Halkidiki

Explore Hidden Gems in Halkidiki

Looking for a unique vacations experience in Halkidiki? Explore hidden gems off the beaten path with our guide.

Sometimes while on a holiday many travelers prefer to avoid popular tourist spots and crowded places. They might prefer something different, something new and exciting.

Thankfully, Halkidiki has some amazing off the beaten path spots with beautiful sea views, spectacular nature paths, historical significance, and cultural heritage.

Let’s see Halkidiki’s 5 most beautiful hidden gems.

Kavourotripes Beach

This hidden gem is located in Sithonia and is known for its crystal-clear waters and stunning rock formations. It’s a bit of a hike to get there, but the journey is worth it. Pack a picnic and spend the day soaking up the sun on this secluded beach.

Petralona Cave

This cave is located in the village of Petralona and is home to some of the oldest human remains in Europe. Take a guided tour through the cave and learn about its history and significance.

Mount Itamos

If you’re up for a challenge, hike to the top of Mount Itamos. The views from the summit are breathtaking and well worth the effort. Pack plenty of water and snacks for the journey.

Porto Koufo

This natural harbor is located in Sithonia and is a great spot for fishing and swimming. It’s also home to some delicious seafood restaurants where you can enjoy a fresh catch of the day.


This small town is located on the edge of the Athos peninsula and is a great spot for history buffs. Take a boat mount athos tour to see the monasteries of Mount Athos or visit the Prosforio Byzantine Tower.