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Experience an Adventure in Kelifos Island

Experience an Adventure in Kelifos Island

The underwater world in Kelifos Island is so colorful & diverse that becomes the ideal place for scuba diving & snorkeling if you spend the summer in Halkidiki.

Experience an Adventure in Kelifos Island

The small piece of land you see floating on the waters of Toroneos Gulf between the Sithonia and Kassandra peninsulas in Halkidiki is Kelifos Island. Only 1,5 km long and 700 meters wide, the uninhabited island will enchant you the minute you approach with a sailing boat with its unparalleled beauty.

But the steep cliffs, which are formed due to the 148 meters height, and the green charm of the olive & pine trees are only an introduction to what lies beneath the blue waters.

The undersea world in Kelifos Island will enchant you

It’s not a coincidence that Kelifos Island is world-known as an excellent destination for snorkeling and scuba diving. Its marine life will leave you in such awe that you will want to sail back to the island again and again. Since only seagulls and goats live on the island, the waters remain clear and the underwater world beyond compare.

Divers can admire sea anemones, sponges, corals, seahorses, starfish, and a very vibrant sea fauna and flora.

Whether you like scuba diving or just swimming, Kelifos Island deserves a visit

There are several dive sites around the island all due to the caves formed by the cliffs. And so, you will have plenty of undersea areas to explore. Things get interesting even before you hop on a boat to get to Kelifos Island. You see, the word kelifos in Greek means shell and the island is also known as Turtle Island due to its shape. So, you can see the correlation.

If you spend your summer holidays at the Porto Valitsa Resort, access is easy because boats sail from Paliouri. If you love diving, get ready for a fabulous adventure in a diverse and colorful underwater world that you will remember for a lifetime. But even if you don’t like the idea of diving, swimming in such clear waters will reward you for your visit.