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Why Dining at the Restaurant of Porto Valitsa is so Special ?

Why Dining at the Restaurant of Porto Valitsa is so Special

Porto Valitsa, Kassandra Halkidiki, is a customer-friendly resort. The organization and layout of the resort allow our guests to focus on relaxation and pleasure, and nothing else. Restaurant Sea of Tastes is based on the same principles.

At the restaurant, guests enjoy the quality of food and service that exceed the price. It isn’t exaggerated self-confidence that speaks for us, but a public acknowledgement. So, read on to learn why dining at the restaurant of Porto Valitsa is so special.

Sea of Tastes is a Michelin-starred restaurant

Our devoted chef awarded with a Michelin star runs our renowned restaurant. But, what such an award means for you as a guest? Well, such a question calls for a deeper elaboration. For a start, let’s say that Michelin-starred restaurants are worth a long detour to be visited.

We all know that Michelin is a company producing tires. But, they are also very skilled in assessing restaurants and recommending top-notch ones. To get a Michelin star, an eatery must meet several high standards of quality. And these don’t include only the quality of food. Consistency in preparing specialties to a high standard is also a defining factor.

Getting a Michelin star is easier said than done. But, even that is a piece of cake compared to keeping it. A chef of a restaurant that lost its star once stated that he feels as if he lost a girlfriend. The chef of Sea of Tastes is highly devoted to keeping his girlfriend.

Restaurant of Porto Valitsa features an unmatched setting

Resort Porto Valitsa boasts verdant environment. And the Sea of Tastes restaurant found a special place in it. What’s more, a way to the restaurant may prove to be an interesting prelude to your great dining experience.

The restaurant sits on a vantage point offering views of the sea. You can get there via a maze of paths edged by manicured vegetation. Works of art appear here and there. What’s also interesting is that you can even afford to “lost.” A path will lead you to the restaurant of Porto Valitsa sooner or later.


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