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5 Best New Year’s Eve Europe Destinations in 2020

5 Best New Year's Eve Europe Destinations in 2020

Wondering how to ring in 2020 in a memorable way? We suggest 5 great destinations in Europe so that you can celebrate New Year’s Eve with style.

5 Best New Year’s Eve Europe Destinations in 2020

If you are tired of celebrating New Year’s Eve at home year after year, it’s time to plan a trip. Wouldn’t it be better if you could wrap up well and enjoy the fireworks in a new location instead of cuddling up to your family on the same old, same old couch? The good news is that there are endless exciting destinations to ring in 2020, and we recommend the best places in Europe to start the new year on the right foot.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The Scots celebrate the New Year to the utmost, and the festival of Hogmanay in Edinburgh is the biggest one in Europe. You’ll enjoy plenty of events, with the torchlit procession taking the lead.

The streets are swamped with people, while there are parties and music everywhere. If you choose Edinburgh as your New Year’s Eve destination, don’t miss a candlelit concert in St. Giles Cathedral or a ceilidh (an event with lots of traditional music and dancing) at the Edinburgh Castle.

Madeira Islands, Portugal

One of the reasons to visit the Madeira Islands on New Year’s Eve is the fireworks.

Recognized as the largest and most amazing fireworks worldwide by the Guinness World Records in 2006, they create a colorful and dazzling environment – exactly what you seek on the 31st of December.

Prague, Czech Republic

Located in the heart of Europe and carrying the legacy of rich history, Prague has been repeatedly praised for its beauty.

That’s a good reason alone to visit Prague. Now, if you add the great fireworks launched from Letna Parks that can be seen from all parts of the city and the local bridges, you can only imagine how sparkling this golden city becomes just before the clock strikes midnight.

Thessaloniki, Greece

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Thessaloniki to party till dawn. The number of restaurants and bars in the city is beyond belief.

You can view the fireworks or even organize a short getaway to Halkidiki to check out the beautiful Porto Valitsa hotel for your next summer holidays in Paliouri.

Stockholm, Sweden

The chilly night air in Stockholm is a refreshing way to ring in 2020, as you stand on either the Vasterbron or Skanstullsbron bridge gazing at the firework displays over the Royal Castle and listening to the bells chiming. You can also spend your night at the world’s first open-air museum, called Skansen, where Tennyson’s poem Ring Out Wild Bells is declaimed every single year.

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