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4 Traditional Villages in Halkidiki You Should Visit

4 Traditional Villages in Halkidiki

Afitos, Parthenonas, Arnaia, and Kassandrino are the 4 traditional villages of Halkidiki you can’t miss visiting during your next trip. Meet the 4 ladies today.

4 Traditional Villages in Halkidiki You Should Visit

There are numerous mountainous and seaside villages in Halkidiki. And each village is distinguished for its color, beauty, and unique landscape. But there are 4 villages which are set apart due to their traditional charm – an element hard to find these days. The villages of Arnaia, Afitos, Parthenonas, and Kassandrino welcomed the new age without abandoning the elegance of traditionalism in all aspects – architecture, hospitality, food, and nature.

Afitos (or Athitos)

Afitos is one of the most-visited villages in the peninsula of Kassandra of Halkidiki. It is built on the slope of a hill and boasts of its clear waters. It’s one of the oldest villages of Halkidiki that flourished in ancient times and even had its own coin. The stone-built houses, the panoramic view, and the crystal waters are three things that make Athitos a great village.


Arnaia maintains its traditional beauty without refusing the amenities of modernity and is rightfully declared a historic site. Located at the central Halkidiki, Arnaia is distinguished for its traditional architecture and handmade fabrics.


Kassandrino is a mountainous village and located at the top of the hill in the Kassandra peninsula. If you are staying at the Porto Valitsa hotel in Paliouri, it will not take you long to get there. It’s a tiny village hidden from plain sight with great archeological sites and beautiful traditional houses. It is surrounded by a lovely pine forest and the most renowned local products include oil and honey.


Parthenonas is a small traditional village in Halkidiki built on the slopes of Mt. Itamos (Dragounelis) in the peninsula of Sithonia. Although some locals moved to the nearby village of Neos Marmaras at one point, most of the old houses are restored and the natural beauty of this traditional village is preserved.

This village is famous for its landscape and local products, like tsipouro and wine.