welcome to Porto Valitsa Resort

Porto Valitsa is a family business, which was founded in 1992.

Our desire to create a place in Halkidiki Greece for high quality holidays, in every season of the year.

Our knowledge and love for Halkidiki and our friends’ needs for this kind of holidays, gave us the motivation to create a place in which we are the hosts and you are our guests.

Lagoudakis Family

hotel... a different perception

Symbol of simplicity and freedom from care, of bliss and liberty, the perfect balance of the classical and the avante gard.

Strolling around Porto Valitsa, you are accompanied by a different view of living, the joy and the sense of perfection accompanies you. The meanings of words like ‘comfort’ and ‘quality’ are reborn in your mind.

A different perception of what a holiday is. Your senses are besieged, shaded by ancient pine trees, surrounded by the blue sea, the Athonian city and the secrets of the rocks.

‘Discover the substance’ could be the motto of Porto Valitsa

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