Homemade greek delicacies from Porto Valitsa now on offer!

Jars at Porto Valitsa

All the goodness of the greek nature bottled in a jar.  We have lovingly created an array of traditional homemade products with the purest organic ingredients from Porto Valitsa. You can now carry back home a little bit of Greece  to savour the simplicity and perfection of the greek cuisine[…]

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Greek cuisine cooking lessons

cooking lessons

Have you ever wondered how these beautiful dishes come out to your table in  Porto Valitsa ? Have you ever wished you knew how to make lush platters? Well, here’s your chance to unleash the chef you have been hiding all this time! Join our fun and creative cooking lessons[…]

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Reliability and quality are not negotiable

Panoramic view of Porto Valitsa

In Porto Valitsa, we produce a range of handmade local products which thrive in our garden. Our production follows the cycle of nature and corresponds with every season. We have a limited production, only one harvest and certainly the products from our plants and trees have not been exposed to any chemical pesticides[…]

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